The characters of Monster High are inspired by previous monster movies.  This collection of activities is perfect for any Monster High fans and will assist in making your party the most memorable one yet!
Preschoolers tend to be very passionate about animals and are sure to enjoy a jungle animal theme party.  This collection of activities has plenty to choose from so planning the perfect party is simple!



Hello Kitty is an adorable white cat with a pretty pink bow and chances are if you have a daughter you know what the hype is about.  Planning a memorable Hello Kitty theme party is very simple to do and this collection of activities have you covered from start to finish.
Doc McStuffins is a fixer of broken toys and if you have a young child at home you may be familiar with the program.  A Doc McStuffins theme party is easy to plan and provides a great learning opportunity for young children.  If you are planning a party and need some ideas this collection of activities has you covered from start to finish!

This is the perfect activity for children who love to play with their food as much as they like to play with play dough.  This sugar cookie is very easy to prepare and the kids will be delighted when they get to eat their creation, since there are no eggs in this recipe there is no need to worry about any snacking that may occur before the cookies are done baking!

The options are endless when planning your party activities and creating your own games can be inexpensive. This extensive collection of activities has ideas that will keep the crowd entertained the entire duration of the party.



Mirida is not your typical princess and a Brave themed party should not be treated as a traditional royal celebration.  Mirida is a girl as wild as her hair and is very talented in archery.  If you are planning a Brave party this guide has you covered from start to finish!
Candy isn't the only thing to fill those plastic Easter eggs with, in fact here are 43 options that will add some excitement to your annual egg hunt.
Make this Easter Day a memorable one!  This collection of activities has something for every crowd and will be enjoyed by people of all ages.  
If you are still in search of the perfect sugar cookie recipe this one is a keeper.  These cookies will leave your guests wanting more and the recipe as well!

Traditional party games will always be a hit at children's parties, these timeless classics are often the first games children learn and they never get boring!
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