This simple hand print turkey makes a special Thanksgiving card from your child to those close to them.  This craft takes only a few minutes to make and will be cherished a lot longer by the lucky recipients.
This collection of Thanksgiving activities has something for every crowd, including of various ages.  Whether you are looking to entertain your crowd or start a new tradition, the perfect idea can be found here!

These creative Halloween activities will ensure that your party is a memorable one and will also help burn off the sugar induced party excitement!
These monster finger cookies are easy to prepare and make an exciting addition to any Halloween party table.

Getting the kids to eat a healthy snack during a Halloween celebration does not need to be difficult, this simple recipe makes it fun for the kids and easy for you!
 Popular Recipes
Cotton candy is a popular treat enjoyed by many, what may come to a surprise to most people is how simple it is to make in your own kitchen.  The kids will enjoy participating in the preparation since it offers a real hands on experience.
Mozzarella sticks can be expensive to purchase though they make great appetizers and snacks and are enjoyed by both children and adults.  This simple recipe requires only a few basic ingredients that cost a fraction the cost of a prepared box of mozzarella sticks.

For many parents sneaking healthy foods in to their child's diet can be a real task, these fresh fruit ice cubes are easy to prepare and offer a colorful alternative to the traditional ice cube while offering the benefits of the fruit.
Party Activities
If your child enjoys baking you may find yourself at some point planning a baking party, lucky for you the theme is an easy one to plan and has endless possibilities.  This collection of activities has you covered from start to finish! 
Make your child's next slumber party the most memorable one yet with this collection of creative activities!

If you have a young boy you may be familiar with the ever popular Handy Manny, these activities have been tailored to a toddler/preschool age group and are sure to make your party a success!

Hello Kitty Party Games

Hello Kitty is a theme that has been popular for many years with no sign of slowing down, this collection of activities is the only one you will need to make your fanatic's party one to remember!
Fun Things To Do
Canvas crayon melt is an easy craft that produces stunning results. Most of the supplies needed can be purchased at your local dollar store.  This activity can be done children of all ages though a minimal of preschool age is recommended.  Adult supervision is required.

Color rice is very simple to make and you likely already have the ingredients to make it in your pantry.  This activity is a great sensory play that young children really enjoy and the clean up is a breeze.  Color rice can also be used for crafts and other projects.

Though moon sand can be expensive to purchase it is cheap to make since it only requires two ingredients. Moon sand will provide countless hours of fun, it can be shaped, molded and so much more. Moon sand will last for a long time when stored in air tight container.

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